Are you looking for a perfect lunch bag?

I’m sure you already know there are a lot of lunch bags out there. The problem with most of them is they are used the cheapest materials available in order to save on costs- but when the handles or the zipper break within two months or it no Insulates, who really needs to save a few bucks ?


We wanted to create the perfect bag- one that is insulated, durable, and stylish. we are very picky from materials selecting to detail craftsmanship.Every bag you received has been through hundreds of procedures to ensure its superior quality.

Great for carry all your hot or cold items, breast milk preservation, food carrying and so on. Makes an ideal lunch bag.

◎Holding time: at room temperature 25℃, up to 8 hours, the higher the initial temperature of the food and the larger the volume, the longer the holding time.

◎Cold storage time: At room temperature 20℃, up to 8 hours, please use with ice packs.

Note: This bag has no cooling or heating effect, and the insulation effect is affected by many factors.

We add 4 bronze buckles to firm the handle and X reinforce stitch around the connection to enhanced durability.

Even in 5000+ shaking with 22lb load, the handle still works well on limiting conditions.

High quality nylon and insulated lining are strong enough to carry heavy items.